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Publication Update + (mini) Life Update

Updated: Jan 26, 2023


I have a new! You can check it out here, or through my publication list on the home page. Something cool about this publication is they asked me to record the poem as well, so you can read and/or listen to it. They also did an interview, which I was super excited about! The interview is here. I think this is one of my 'bigger' publications, which is exciting. I'm trying to make sure I only send work to magazines with readership of some sort now and that have a few years of past history instead of simply sending work out all over the place. Basically, I'mma be picky when it comes to publications from now on.

Onwards to the lifestyle of Mea update. I have just finished my last assignment for me Masters in the Fine Arts, which leaves me...lost. Now I have to actually dedicate a large chunk of time to my larger writing projects.

With that said, my first poetry collection is DONE. I am never opening that thing up for as long as we live in the twenties, MY GOD. I think I'm on to the even harder part now, and that is finding a publisher for this bad boy. Did you know an agent supposedly wants 15% of your profits? Sigh...

So, I'm in the process of asking my (now ex) teachers for publishers they would recommend. In some encouraging news, one professor, who has read the collection in almost its entirety, suggested I send it out to big publishers first.

...I forgot to ask what the big publishers are.

I'm thinking Copper Canyon? Everything good in the world is published by Copper Canyon. It's just fact.

If this works out, my new goal in life is going to be to see myself published in a Norton Anthology before I die.

See ya.

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