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When the Writing Week Sucks

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Some people say 'suck' is a strong word, but it beats 'This past week can get fucked.' And this past week can totally get fucked. In the writing game (how much funner does that sound?) it can feel like one week is all flowing prose and daisies and the next is a series of knots and complications that keeps you from getting anything done.

I'm trying to create a coping method for this writing whiplash life is giving my at the moment. Coping method one: Go and enjoy something else in life. That's right, put the writing away and go do something you know, for a fact, you have been wanting to do or generally enjoy doing.

When life sucks, why spend all your energy making it suck more by trying to write when you feel completely unmotivated/unable to do so?

I'm not typically for the whole idea of 'don't push yourself, relax more, etc..,' but yeah, sometimes you have to chill. Just not so much that it becomes your excuse for never doing anything.

Coping method two: Do the easy shit.

Maybe you've already done everything that brings you joy, or maybe you're someone who can't stand not getting something done. In that case, do the super easy things, even if it's just doing research or sending an e-mail you've been putting off.

You can't feel like you haven't done anything if you've done at least one or two things, right?

For me, I sent an e-mail, focused on some language learning, and read a Neil Gaimon novel. You have to read to write!

Coping method three: ...Write a blog about how to cope with not getting much, if any, writing done in the week so that you can finally feel like you've gotten something done.

It's minimally successful.

For real though, this week was a terror. I literally started Friday with temporary vision loss, a migraine, and an emergency doctors visit + tests and am still having tiny daily headaches this Thursday (China time). After an MRI, blood tests, pictures of my retina, and an x-ray of my spine, I was basically told a blood vessel behind my eye had a problem getting some blood flow, leading to an ocular migraine. Which is apparently something I'm more likely to have more of now that I've had one. Oh, and is more common in women aged 20-40 because we have large hormonal changes due to our periods.

I've basically been told to cut down on the stress in my life and take all days off when I'm on my period. Which is totally possible in our capitalistic society. Right.

And then I immediately got a cold that I am still medicating for.

It's been rough.

I couldn't even exercise, which I think would have been the real coping method three, if I'd gotten the chance to give it a go.

For coping method one, my husband and I went to The Cheesecake Factory (did you know Beijing has a Cheesecake Factory? Because now you know) and ordered pineapple upside down cheesecake and lemon raspberry cheesecake.

Get the pineapple upside down one, leave no regrets in life.

Then, when I was able to look at computer screens again, I handled some e-mail and other minor issues AKA coping method two.

And when I felt that horrible grip of anxiety screaming 'WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WRITING?!' I wrote this blog. No lie, all fax no printer. Or some shit.

My plan for this upcoming week? Well, I've been ordered to reduce my stress so I've had to cut down my working hours, so maybe I can write more?

Definitely going to be sending out poetry and my poetry manuscript out more. I talked to literally the internet and was told that the deal the current publishing place is offering is terrible, but I'm going to keep it on the table while poking around for anything else that might be available.

That might just be my week when it comes to writing. Gotta take it easy for juuuust a bit.

Anyway, here are some photos of The Cheesecake Factory. See ya!

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