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Updated: Jan 26, 2023

I've been working on my novel this week, it has been my number one priority. My goal was to finish this sucker this week, by today and call it DONE for a bit. Unfortunately, past me decided to be rude as all fuck to future me and in place of my 'Mexico' section, basically wrote a sentence that equated to 'Put Mexico Here.'

I'm on my third draft. What fucking planet have I been living on? Or do I just habitually skip that section like 'Oh yeah, I'll get to that' and then completely black out??

So I've spent the better part of this week writing the first draft of Mexico. It is with great pleasure and anger that I say I have done it! I completed Mexico! When I started this week I was still around 60,600-ish words, and now I am pushing 72k, which is all great and shit, but ultimately means I HAVEN'T FINISHED THE DAMN NOVEL.

Writing this novel has been an experience. This is the one work I've felt like I have to get done no matter what. It's like this weird mixture of I want people to know my side of my childhood, while trying to better understand myself and the people around me at that time. It feels like even now my mother got to frame other people's opinions of me, and now I get to take that power back.

Every time I finish a section I feel a bit relieved in that I'm distancing myself from it, and more justified in my actions since then.

It's very cathartic, I highly recommend writing down your traumatic experiences, even if it's just for yourself and not publication.

Outside of that, I got to participate in my old writer's group! It was great to see at least one familiar face again, and I look forward to joining monthly, even if it is at 2am my time! Work has been a bit hectic this week, and I actually am in the middle of a big project, so I'm trying to make realistic writing goals at the moment, so I think I'm going to aim for:

-Finish the novel. -Write two poems? -Maintain 30 subs. It's a small list, but hopefully I can achieve everything here and that will boost my sense of achievement and get me ready for the more challenging writing goals I still want to get done. Until next time, enjoy these photos of hubs and I escaping at home quarantine!

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