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Writing: Trying to Make it WORK

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

As you may know, I've been experimenting with how to make money while writing. I've seen some monetary success publishing individual poems over the years, making a whole sixty bucks since 2014! Fifty of those dollars coming this past month from Tipton Poetry Review, 25 for being accepted, 25 for being the featured poem (Thank you so much, for real)! With that said, my work in Tipton Poetry Journal just came out! Check it out here: And/or buy a physical copy here: Clearly, my money strategy needs work. In an attempt to get my hands on more funds, I've created a Patreon account, which can be found here: Patreon is a place for anyone who creates something to receive support. You can donate at different levels (tiers) and in exchange you receive various types of benefits. The benefits increase the higher the tier. You'll notice my tiers start at $1 a month (or a one time donation! hahaha) and go up to 50k (the 50k is a joke, but if it happens, I ain't stoppin' it). 🥰

I named my tiers after gaming character types, with a bit of alliteration going on, s owe got things like Elementary Elementalist ($3), Adept Angler ($5), Stupendous Sage ($10), Master of Menaces ($100), and of course, Grandmaster Sugar Daddy (50K). There's a few missing, but you get the point. Once I hit $1000, my plan is to attempt to use that money to self-publish. This will most likely be in the form of a chapbook or something similar on Amazon.

But how do I trick people into believing I'm a writer and ultimately into giving me money? I'm so glad you asked!

So, I've started a writing project! Will everyone please welcome to the stage, Drone Girl!

She's my new sci-fi baby; she ain't much yet, but she gonna grow.

Every two weeks I'm adding a chapter to her, until completion. This will be an on-going project, and I'm hoping that I'll have some more platforms for you to find her on by my next blog post. If you missed the hyperlink earlier, you can find Drone Girl here. Is that all I've done? No! You fools! How dare you think this is everything?!

Outside of Patreon and Drone Girl, I also have a contract I've received regarding uploading a different novel in-progress to on another place exclusively. There are still some details being ironed out (like they want 12k words to look over and I only have 2k and an outline :cry: ).

If I can get my shit together, hopefully I'll have another good thing comin' soon!

I did go ahead and submit my poetry collection for a few more contests, and re-up my poetry subs to 30 (to have them quickly dwindle to 28), but outside of that I'm letting the poetry collection rest through October as I focus on other things and wait to hear back from other places I've submitted it to.

One point of business that could be a bit iffy is October will be Xi Jinping's big meeting/re-election month. This means that uploading things is going to take a lot more time and patience when it comes to my VPN access, as it always gets shutdown during meeting times. I've got a few ways to try and circumvent this problem, but we'll have to see how it goes. Not having access to my VPN means I cannot upload Drone Girl, update my blog or website, see my e-mails, share any of my publications or updates via social media.

It would suuuuuuuckkkkkk.

This is another factor that could lead to me not getting that contract I mentioned earlier as well. They want me to upload 1500 words A DAY for four months for the deal to stay valid. And I have a week to decide if I want to take the deal. I'm trying to find out if I can create like... 30 1500 word updates and set a timer for them to release each day without me needing to be there, but I'm waiting on a response.

So that's what I'll be handling for the next week or so. Plus, I'm polishing up my research proposal to apply to some more PhD programs. And polishing my DELTA module three essay for submission in December. The memoir is on the back burner for a re-read until possibly early November. Until next time, go ahead and take a look at my work in Tipton Poetry journal! If you want to donate to my Patreon, click the button!

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